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im wondering if anyone got something like this to work:

  @resources 'projects', ->
    @resources 'tables', ->
      @resources 'items'

with corresponding view content like:

%a{"data-bind" => "table.name", "data-route" => "routes.projects[project].tables[table]"}
  %div{"data-foreach-item" => "project.table.items"}
    %p{"data-bind" => item.name"}
    %a.btn{"data-route" => "routes.projects[project].tables[table].items[item]"} View details »

The Problem here is with the link tag:

Uncaught DevelopmentError: Couldn't find a route for the name items! 

But the name of the item in the p tag is displayed correctly. something is wrong with my routes. Has anyone an idea of multiple nested routes in BatmanJS ?

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Confirmed, it doesn't work more than two levels deep. There are no tests that have more than two levels, so this may be by design.

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