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Is it possible to use the VS2012 profile specific web.config transformations within a VS2010 project?

Utilizing build configurations is getting out of had with the project I am currently working on. Thus I have been looking at alternatives such as Douglas Rathbone's "Multiple Tiers" approach.

I am aware that with the launch of VS2012 this is a solved problem, however I don't have the opertunity to upgrade to VS2012 yet.

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Yes, it is possible.

If you install the Windows Azure SDK for .NET (VS 2010 SP1) from this Microsoft link here: it will give you the updated Web Deploy functionality that was included with 2012.

Then, you can create a Web.<profile_name>.config file in your project and it will use that file, after applying any changes from a Configuration-named config file if it exists, as outlined in this post:

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Thanks, when I was looking this wasn't available; in the end I came up with a not-dissimilar solution using MSBuild tasks - – Richard Slater Mar 12 '13 at 9:58
Cool, thanks for sharing. – Brendan Hannemann Mar 12 '13 at 13:44

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