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What do I need to do to have my .NET-Mono application run as a background process on OSX and start when the OS starts up? (Assuming the application is otherwise ready to go on OSX)


Build an installer for .NET app that can run on Windows and OS X?

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As ShuggyCoUk notes, that article is very out of date. In 10.4, OS X made some some radical changes. The guide you want to read is System Startup Programming Topics. The short answer is "use launchd."

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this article might be a bit out of date but might be of use for OSX.

Since your mono process can run in the unix layer (assuming you have no need for a gui) then this should make things simpler.

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You want to put a plist (this is an example of running CruiseControl.NET) in /Library/LaunchDaemons and the plist has to be owned by root. Also note as you are using LaunchD the process will always be running as root.

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Here's a blog post on what to add to your Info.plist to have your app run in the background and not have a dock icon.

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