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I have a column of JSON strings in my table, I'm using SQL Server 2008. Any Ideas on how to parse the JSON string and extract a specific value?

Here's my JSON String:

{"id":1234,"name":"Lasagne al frono","description":"Placerat nisi turpis, dictumst nasceture ete etiam mus nec cum platea tempori zillest. Nisi niglue, augue adipiscing ete dignissim sed mauris augue, eros!","image":"images/EmptyProduct.jpg","cartImage":"images/ArabianCoffee.jpg","basePrice":54.99,"priceAttribute":"itemPrice","attributes":[{"type":"Addons","label":"Side","attributeName":"Side","display":"Small","lookupId":8},{"type":"Addons","label":"Drink","attributeName":"drink","display":"Small","lookupId":5},{"label":"add note","type":"Text","attributeName":"notes","display":"Wide","lookupId":null}]}

I need to extract the value of "name", Any Help?

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Since sql server has no JSON support built in, you'd need to parse this manually, which would get complicated.

However, you could always use somebody else's JSON parsing library.

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For parsing JSON you can write an easy CLR Function in C# or VB.NET.

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