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I want to use prepared statements in Stata, like in the following (pseudocode) example:

for each key in keylist
   odbc load, exec("SELECT * FROM table where tablekey = $key")
   do stuff

How can I bring the parameter value key into my statements? I have tried string concats, local variables etc. but nothing works. I would like to know whether there are prepared statements like in Java (SELECT * FROM Table WHERE tablekey = ?).

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Read help local in Stata. The local macros start with the single quote (to the left of 1) and end with a closing single quote (to the left of Enter). And then may be help foreach. I guess that the right syntax would be

   local keylist "the actual list of keys"
   foreach key of local keylist {
      odbc load, exec("SELECT * FROM table where tablekey = `key'")
      save thisdataset`key', replace


(Stata is the only programming environment I know :) ).

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