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I'm developing a simple windows application that contains a few reports developed using report viewer control. One of my reports' template is below:

1) Question1? 
a) Choise11 
b) Choise12 
c) Choise13 
d) Choise14

2) Question2? 
a) Choise21 
b) Choise22 
c) Choise23 
d) Choise24

I want to prevent page breaks in the middle of questions. I mean, I want to keep the question and all its choises (a, b, c, d) in the same page. Is it possible? If yes, how can I change my report settings?

Thanks in advance,

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Use the KeepTogether property on the appropriate group/details control. See the "Keeping Report Items Together on a Single Page" section on this MSDN page.

Note that this feature can behave buggy from time to time, e.g. see this highly upvoted Connect issue.

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