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What is the best subversion client for Linux?

I searched for usable GUI svn client for GNU/linux (mint 13, cinnamon desktop). First of all, I tried to use RapidSVN, but it don't have integrated diff tool. It's not a problem, of course, but when I installed meld and configured RapidSVN for using it, there are problems in diff window: local file displayed at the left but server copy at the right. I want vice versa and I found a way to do this. In command line argument we can pass "%2 %1" and everything is fine, but this setting are lost after restart. And there is a problem. Also, there is no easy way to identify what source code files stays in conflicted state after update.

Then, I tried to use SmartSVN, it's good but there are some bugs with GUI.

My local repository now uses subversion 1.7, so RapidSVN don't works. I tried to use RabbitVCS, but it also don't support subversion 1.7.

Is there a useful GUI svn client for linux?

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Probably an overkill if you are just looking for a SVN GUI client. But Eclipse's support for SVN is pretty good in Linux.

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Esvn is okay, check it out: http://zoneit.free.fr/esvn/

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It's pretty much dead upstream, and removed from debian archive: bugs.debian.org/673509 –  malat Mar 25 at 13:24

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