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I'm trying to include the eredis in my Erlang project to connect to redis. I put it in a lib/ directory, and used -include_lib ("../lib/eredis/include/eredis.hrl"). It compiles fine in erl, but then trying to create a client fails with ** exception error: undefined function eredis:start_link/0.


-module (redis_worker).
-export ([get/2, set/3, client/0]).
-include_lib ("../lib/eredis/include/eredis.hrl").

client() ->

get(Client, Key) when is_list(Key) ->
  {ok, Val} = eredis:q(Client,["GET", Key]),
  io:format("Got key: ~s which had value ~s~n", [Key, Val]).

set(Client, Key, Value) when is_list(Key) andalso is_list(Value)->
  {ok, <<"OK">>} = eredis:q(Client, ["SET", Key, Value]),
  io:format("Set key: ~s to ~s~n",[Key, Value]).

Why does it compile fine (which I'm assuming means executing the include_lib) but blow up when I try to use included libraries?

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Have you compiled eredis? Do you have the eredis/ebin directory in your load path? Compiling and loading are different operations with different paths. Using ERL_LIBS env variable can make it easier to load modules. –  rvirding Sep 2 '12 at 18:04

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include_lib has always been a source of minor confusion. include_lib's behavior is almost identical to include, but shouldn't point to a filepath. In include_lib, the first path component is assumed to be the name of an application.

For example


Will use code:lib_dir(lib) to find the directory of the current (latest) version of lib, and then the subdirectory include is searched for the file eredis/include/eredis.hrl (ignoring pattern substitution).

It's worth noting that the generally preferred strategy in Erlang for dependencies is to use rebar and compile and pass the appropriate dependency path in via -pa. However, in your sans rebar setup, that would mean passing -pa ../lib/eredis/include/eredis.hrl to erl directly after compiling. -pa will include that directory to your code path.

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I have used rebar to create an app but am just trying to test things out. Right now I have to just manually compile each file I need in erl which is such a pain. So with rebar what should this look like? –  Chris Sep 2 '12 at 18:11
It's quite simple! Try something like this gist.github.com/3602558 and then you don't need to "include" anything, you can just reference the module eredis directly. –  zv_ Sep 2 '12 at 18:20
Amazing! So I am guessing I should delete lib haha –  Chris Sep 2 '12 at 18:47
Unreal, this is so cool! Thank you so much!! –  Chris Sep 2 '12 at 18:51

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