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I'd like to keep number of rows in db in my content provider.

private int nRows;
public int getNRows(){
   return nRows;

The idea would be to initialize this variable in the onOpen() method and the just increment/decrement it in insert/delete methods, is this correct?

As content provider's life cycle is handled by android I fear that it could delete my private variable at some point...

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I guess you mean onCreate(), not onOpen()? If so - it will be correct, if you'll renew this variable

  1. In onCreate() - maybe requesting current count from underlying structure/db
  2. After each insert/delete operation

If you'll do above - so you'll have no problems, as it's guaranteed that onCreate will be called before any other provider's methods, and even if system will kill the provider - you'll restore this value in next instance's onCreate()

Note: That all applies only if any changes to DB can be made only through this provider. Else - you should request data count each time, or cache on other level.

Good luck

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Thanks I just wanted to be sure about variable's consistency! :D – user1610075 Sep 2 '12 at 17:54

You should use the Cursor#getCount() method to get the number of rows instead of keeping track manually.

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