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My Source Safe file comparer (diff) doesn't say where in the line there are differences. Which tool would I use for that?

And before someone tries to move it to SU, please note that we developers rely on these diff tools more than anyone else.

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exact duplicate – Amr Elgarhy Aug 3 '09 at 18:28
not quite exact duplicate, since I am filtering by the cited feature. – Jader Dias Aug 3 '09 at 18:56

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I like SourceGear's free diffmerge. They built it to work with their source control systems, so it's pretty feature-rich.

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+1 for cross-platform. I may have a new diff tool. – Ferruccio Aug 3 '09 at 18:34

WinMerge does inline comparison. I don't know about "best", but it is free.

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Many people that I know use this. And you beat me to posting the link to it. – SteveM Aug 3 '09 at 18:22

BeyondCompare is excellent, though not free. There is a screenshot of the within-line difference view on their website.

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+1 for pointing out that it's not free. – Jeff Yates Aug 3 '09 at 18:25

The one included with TortoiseSVN does a decent job.

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BeyondCompare is also an excellent choice.

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I love using ExamDiff Pro.

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Araxis Merge is a good one.

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It's the BEST one! :-) Plus they support three-way comparison + merging, and have been one of the few to compare ANSI to Unicode versions – marc_s Aug 3 '09 at 19:41
I've been using Araxis Merge Pro (3 way comparison) for 10 years+. I haven't upgraded to more recent versions, but I had a look at their website the other day - the latest version has incredible features (image differencing and all sorts of different document type differencing). Very useful if you need that stuff. For me its the comparison and intra-line differencing that is really useful. I use it mainly for C/C++/asm/text/HTML/PHP/css/js. – Stephen Kellett Apr 3 '10 at 16:43

BeyondCompare. Specially like their folder comparision option.

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