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I am trying to write a UserControl that will allow both single controls in it (like Label), as well as "layout" controls like StackPanel and friends.

I am having trouble doing that. The code I have works for single controls, but not for layout controls. I have a feeling this is an obvious fix, I am new to WPF. Here is the UserControl XAML:

<UserControl <!-- namespaces omitted for brevity -->>
            <ContentPresenter Content="{TemplateBinding Content}" />

When I try to use it like this:


It's fine. But when I try to do something like

        <!-- stuff -->

I get an error in Visual Studio Intellisense saying

The specified value cannot be assigned to the collection. The following type was expected: UIElement

And when I run the app (it builds), I get this exception at that place in the XAML:

'Add value to collection of type System.Windows.Controls.UIElementCollection threw an exception.' Line number x and line position y.

What can I do to make my UserControl able to accept any type of content?

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The ContentPresenter should be a part of the ControlTemplate (<UserControl.Template>) of your control, not inside your ContentTemplate. I think that could be your problem.

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If I do that, I get an error in TemplateBinding Content that says "The name Content is not recognized or is not accessible." If I change TemplateBinding to Binding I get no errors but the UserControl shows no content. –  Seth Carnegie Sep 2 '12 at 18:53

Inherit your UserControl from ContentControl. ContentControl already has Content property combined with ContentPresenter inside ControlTemplate.

You can also use microsoft blend to get ContentControls visual tree.

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