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Whilst developing locally, I don't want any images I upload to my s3 bucket to overwrite, or affect in any way those already uploaded through the production app.

My :path argument looks like this

:path => "profile_photo/:id/photo_:style.:extension"

Which means that an uploaded file will be at profile_photo/1/photo_normal.png

Fine, but if I upload an image for my resource with :id 1, it will overwrite the photo that may have been uploaded by an RL user.

The problem could be solved if there was a way to get the current environment, something like this, maybe?

:path => "profile_photo/:environment/:id/photo_:style.:extension"

to output a file path


or profile_photo/development/1/photo_normal.png

This would be ideal, and I don't really want to create a separate bucket for development, I'm just a little strange like that.

I've looked for a place to find which symbols are available to pass as arguments, no success.

How have others solved this problem?

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According to the source code here and here, I'm pretty sure you can do:

:path => "profile_photo/:rails_env/:id/photo_:style.:extension"
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rails_env is part of interpolation already, so this suggestion must work. – thanikkal Sep 3 '12 at 0:59

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