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I just registered a developer account and I can't figure out how to test my app on my device. I figured if I just selected my device instead of the simulator on the top left of xcode that I would be asked for my login, but it's just giving me an error and I can't figure it out.

Code Sign error: The identity 'iPhone Developer' doesn't match any valid, non-expired certificate/private key pair in your keychains

Do I have to add my account somewhere, and if so, how?

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I found the apple documentation hard to locate and their guide is scattered in small parts all over their site. In case anyone else is looking for this, here's a tutorial.

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You have to generate a keypair, upload your CSR to Apple, then download a certificate. This is all explained to you in the provisioning portal you gain access to when you sign up for a developer account. Log in, go to the provisioning portal, and click on the "Launch Assistant" button. And please check the library and provisioning portal first when you get stuck. Stack Overflow is not the first place you should try to solve a problem.

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