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I have a list box i am populating from the database when i run the UI i am able to see the itemLabel but not the itemsValue the code i see when the page is run is:

            <label>Select Gender</label>
            <select id="genderId" name="genderId">
            <option itemsValue="genderId" value="">Select Gender</option><option itemsValue="genderId" value="">FEMALE</option><option itemsValue="genderId" value="">MALE</option>


I am not getting the values to show correctly but the description shows.


private GenderManager genderManager;
Map<String, Object> myGender = new HashMap<String, Object>();

 @RequestMapping(value="officer_registration.htm", method = RequestMethod.GET)
    public ModelAndView loadPage(HttpServletRequest request,
            HttpServletResponse response,@ModelAttribute Officers officer, BindingResult result, ModelMap m, Model model) throws Exception {     


myGender.put("genderList", this.genderManager.getGenderList());

            model.addAttribute("gender", myGender);

         return new ModelAndView("officer_registration");            

     }catch(Exception e){

        return new ModelAndView("error_page");           

     public void setGenderManager(GenderManager genderManager){

     this.genderManager = genderManager;


            <label>Select Gender</label>
            <form:select path="genderId">
            <form:options items = "${gender.genderList}" itemsValue="genderId" itemLabel="genderDesc" />
            <form:errors path="genderId"/>
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I think you have got the attribute name wrong, should be itemValue not itemsValue

<form:options items = "${gender.genderList}" itemValue="genderId" itemLabel="genderDesc" />
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thanks a million it worked cant believe i had a syntax error like that and didn't know – devdar Sep 2 '12 at 23:16

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