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Okay, I am trying to simulate the jGrowl notification plugin using qTip. qTip have a demo of how such a feature can be made:


However, this positions the notifications in the top right corner, I want them in the bottom right corner. I have tried to mess around with the positioning, and it's good up to a point, I just can't get the updating position effect to work properly. If there are at least 3 notifications on the page, when one disappears, the second repositions perfectly, the others don't.

Can someone please help me get the updatePos function to work as expected?

Here is a fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/bCcAB/

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1 Answer

In Create function instead of

my: target.length ? 'bottom center' : 'bottom right',
at: target.length ? 'top center' : 'bottom right',


my: 'bottom right',
at: target.length ? 'top right' : 'bottom right',

In Update function instead of

api.options.position.target = !i ? [$(window).width() - 5,$(window).height()] : [
                    pos.left + width,
                    pos.top - height - 5
api.set('position.at', !i ? 'bottom right' : 'top center');
api.set('position.my', !i ? 'bottom right' : 'bottom center');


api.options.position.target = !i ? [$(window).width() - 5,$(window).height()] : [
                    pos.left + width,
api.set('position.at', !i ? 'bottom right' : 'top right');

Check this out: http://jsfiddle.net/bCcAB/1/

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