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My gae python code seems to require these if statements. Without them gae throws this error.

raise exception('%s must not be empty.' % name)
BadValueError: phone must not be empty.

This is the code.

reservation = Reservations(parent=court) 
if phone:
    reservation.phone = phone
if email:
    reservation.email = email

This is the datastore model. There is no "Required".

class Reservations(db.Model):    #parent is Courts
    court = db.ReferenceProperty(Courts)
    phone = db.PhoneNumberProperty()
    email = db.EmailProperty()

Why are phone and email required in my code?

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I really wouldn't recommend using the 'semantic' properties such as PhoneNumberProperty and EmailProperty. They're poorly supported and do very little validation, so they don't really add anything over just using a StringProperty. –  Nick Johnson Sep 4 '12 at 12:23

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I'm guessing without the if statements your code looks like this:

reservation = Reservations(parent=court) 
reservation.phone = phone
reservation.email = email

If that's so then most likely it will throw that exception cause maybe the phone in your case is an empty string or something that doesn't look like a phone when you're assigning to reservation.phone.

I would suggest you though not use the PhoneNumberProperty and EmailProperty at all, since they were dropped in the newest NDB and instead you can use StringProperty. Consider switching to NDB if it's a new project, because of some cool new features, like automatic caching and more.

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The above issue is why I abandonded using PhoneNumberProperty, EmailProperty ... You can't have empty "" values with any of them, which is a pain, if you don't want them required. –  Tim Hoffman Sep 3 '12 at 2:34
@TimHoffman That's not a bad reason to abandon them and I think this was one of the reasons, among others, that Google didn't include them in the newest version (ndb). –  Lipis Sep 3 '12 at 7:05

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