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I am using zend framework.

My structure is (only included files and folders needed for this question):


I have got the layout working properly. However, I want to ask a couple of questions in order to get my set up perfect for the way I want it.

  1. Is application>styles a good place for the stylesheet to be? If not what's the recommended?
  2. How do i add the stylesheet to the layout?
  3. In my layout I have a title tag : <title>Text</title>. How do I pass values from my controllers to it?
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  1. Stylesheets need to be accessible from the browser, so typically you will put these somewhere in the public directory, such as public/css

  2. There are several ways, including placing rel tags in your view/layout, but my preferred option is to use the viewHelper within your controller:

    $this->view->headLink()->setStylesheet('/css/style.css'); Then your call to headLink() in the layout file will automatically include the stylesheet.

  3. The way I have done this is to use the Zend_Registry in the past. There may be better ways.

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Re: (3): setting <title> from controller: In controller, you can call $this->view->headTitle()->prepend('My Title') (or append, as you prefer). Alternatively, you can simply pass the title to the view using something like $this->view->pageTitle and then let the layout make the headTitle() call. Personally, I prefer the latter since rendering a title tag strikes me as a view-ish thing. – David Weinraub Sep 3 '12 at 2:19

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