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I have a table with a primary key and range key set:


Using the boto api layer, is there a way I can retrieve the item just by specifying the user_id (without the range key)? Every time I perform a getItem() query without specifying the range key it fails. I can only get it to work by specifying the range key (timestamp_joined).

The error message when fetching just by user_id is below:

boto.exception.DynamoDBResponseError: DynamoDBResponseError: 400 Bad Request 
{'message': 'One or more parameter values were invalid: The provided 
key size does ot match with that of the schema', '__type':
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It sounds like you want to perform a query. You can query the table specifying only the user_id (the hash key) and the query will return all items that match that user_id regardless of the range value.

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In this table, for example, user_id is unique. Do I still have to run query() even though I'm only looking for one result? It's not possible to use getItem() only on the hash key? It sounds like maybe a range_key shouldn't be specified on this table. –  ensnare Sep 3 '12 at 1:48
The only way to do a get_item without specifying a range key is if the schema of the table doesn't include a range key. So, if the timestamp isn't useful as a secondary key, I wouldn't include it in the schema. –  garnaat Sep 3 '12 at 11:07

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