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I got issue with custom library that I am trying to add to my Grails project. I have tagsoup-1.2.jar library that I put into "lib" folder under Grails project. However when I am running my project I am getting following error:

@ line 135, column 24. def tagsoupParser = new org.ccil.cowan.tagsoup.Parser() ^ 1 error

Now I added library to class path via "Build Path" option in Eclipse, but that didn't help.

Please can anyone tell me where to put library? and/or why I get error?

Thank you.

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Found my answer via following link: Grails JAR file in lib directory not found

I needed to clean project via:

grails clean

Once that was done, I just run it again and everything worked perfectly.

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Similar to above, I ran grails clean. That still didn't work. I then did refresh dependencies and that fixed. it.

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