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I have a class included in a plugin which contains the following line


class My::User < My::AbstractModel
  delegate :message_t, :to => ApplicationHelper


So I need to call in this model the *'message_t'* function defined in the application_helper.rb,

However, Jenkins fails testing it giving the error 'uninitialized constant My::User::ApplicationHelper' so I suppose the user model is loaded before the application_helper.rb. How can I fix it? Is there an other way to call *'message_t'* or could I change the files loading order and should I?

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You can't access the rails helpers from the model layer. Helpers are designed to assist in presentation and are used by the view (and sometimes controller) layer.

Also, delegate is meant to be used to transfer messages to directly associated models - not to an arbitrary class.

I would recommend moving the message_t method out of ApplicationHelper into some library file that your model can require. Then use a proxy object to call it instead of using delegate. Or you can associate a proxy object for this purpose and use delegate if you like the sound of it :)

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The application is actually working fine. Only Jenkins seems to have problem with it. I will give a try to your first advice, moving out message_t and see how it goes. – oldergod Sep 3 '12 at 4:34

You can require 'application_helper' in your model. It'll make sure application_helper will be loaded before your model.

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Already tried and Jenkins still fails on it. – oldergod Sep 3 '12 at 4:34

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