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I'm receiving an error when trying to hit my newly migrated Google App Engine HRD app.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/base/python_runtime/python_lib/versions/1/google/appengine/ext/webapp/", line 710, in __call__
  File "/base/data/home/apps/s~***-hrd/1.361484826407666031/***.py", line 37, in get
    return self.redirect(users.create_login_url('self.request.uri'))
  File "/base/python_runtime/python_lib/versions/1/google/appengine/api/", line 256, in create_login_url
    raise NotAllowedError

I'm encountering this problem immediately after duplicating and deploying my app. I still also receive it after migrating my datastore (which completes without any issues) from master-slave to HRD.

Any ideas?

UPDATE: I fixed this by adding the newly created app id to my google apps domain control panel.

I also changed from using users.create_login_url to using login: required in the app.yaml.

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Are you trying to reach the old app id, or the new one? – Dave W. Smith Sep 3 '12 at 1:58
I'm trying to read the new one. The old app id still works actually. – user1642587 Sep 3 '12 at 2:08
consider answering your own question – proppy Sep 3 '12 at 13:52

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