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I wish to generate (or at least fill a template of some kind with JSON data and append to a list) a semi-complex HTML div element using jQuery. The data is in JSON format (if it matters) and for each parent entry I wish to add another div to a carousel-type element.

A long statement such as:

$('#list').append('<li><div id=" + entry.id +"><span id="highlight> + entry.name + <span/><div id="picture" ....

will work but is too hard to maintain (excuse errors there it's just to make a point). There must be a more efficient way.


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You are looking into javascript templating languages - there are tons out there:

The idea is to keep data and its view separate:

var myUser = { name : 'John', lastname : 'Doe' };

    someTemplateFunction( { user : myUser } )

And someTemplateFunction() will hold in its body something like:

<p>Hello <strong><%=user.name %> <%=user.lastname %></strong></p>

By holding I mean that the template library is able to parse such template [coming from the DOM or from an external file] and to render it out to new DOM elements.

My pick is underscore.js because it's a very minimal yet useful library, feel free to look around.

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Exactly what I need, thanks, will check them out now. –  adamK Sep 3 '12 at 2:13

You're looking for some templating. There are many:

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Don't know if it will work for what you're doing but recently I had a similar issue and I didn't want to 'polute' my js with html to be inserted. My solution was to insert all the html in the page and let it hidden so that, when needed, I can just reveal it or, in some cases, I copy the desired div.

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This is something I had considered, having a hidden div which I could clone. Just thought there may be cleaner options. –  adamK Sep 3 '12 at 2:09
For most cases I believe there surely may be cleaner options. Unfortunately, for mine, I found none. –  Robyflc Sep 3 '12 at 2:15

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