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I have been developing simple web services and clients using JBoss but now I need to deploy a web service in Oracle Enterprise Manager. I tried deploying a test web service but an axis error shows when I try to access it, saying the axis version number is wrong.

I have also noticed that my web service doesn't show under "Web Services" and only shows under "Applications". Are there different steps for creating a web service for this Oracle Enterprise Manager? I tried looking through JDeveloper, since that's what our MiddleWare guy uses, but so far I am still stuck. When I look at some of the currently deployed web services I see they have an orion-application.xml descriptor, but I don't know what that is used for.

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I thought I might know this but it has been a while and I no longer have my notes from a previous job.

If it is 9iAS try having a look at link (stack overflow will not let me post it exactly as I am new) ....://

If it is OAS 10g then perhaps Oracle have changed the name (they often confuse me by changing names of software across releases) as they now mention Oracle Web Services Manager at ....://

Otherwise try searching Metalink for 'axis version' and if that fails raise a Service Request with Oracle.

Sorry not to have the solution but perhaps that will give you a clue.

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