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I've just installed WAMP, and now I'm trying to copy my files from my server to my local machine. I have a rewrite rule like

RewriteRule .* /index.php?url=$0 [L,QSA]

But that seems to redirect to http://localhost/index.php when I actually want http://localhost/mysite/index.php. So I figured

RewriteBase /mysite

Would do the trick, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Doesn't seem to work that way from my readings. Is there any way that I can fix this without changing my rewrite rules? I basically just want the base of my site to be in some subfolder.

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I got this working by having a trailing slash on the RewriteBase string:

RewriteBase /aliasdirectory/
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if you’re using relative paths in your substitution, you don’t need to alter the base URI path:

RewriteRule .* index.php?url=$0 [L,QSA]
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I think this causes problems when the user is in a sub-sub-folder. i.e. if they're at /mysite/folder/page it should still point to /mysite/index.php?url=/folder/page –  Mark Aug 3 '09 at 20:02
(rather than /mysite/folder/index.php?url=whatever) –  Mark Aug 3 '09 at 23:44

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