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I have these strings:

\x22vi\x26#7879;t\\u003Cb\\u003E nam\\u003C\\/b\\u003E\x22
\x22vi\x26#7879;t\\u003Cb\\u003E nam net\\u003C\\/b\\u003E\x22
\x22vi\x26#7879;t\\u003Cb\\u003E b\x26#7843;n \x26#273;\x26#7891;\\u003C\\/b\\u003E\x22
\x22vi\x26#7879;t\\u003Cb\\u003E ti\x26#7871;n\\u003C\\/b\\u003E\x22

I get it from google autocompleter with keyword is việt. How to convert it to normal string by C#?, like this:

việt nam
việt nam net
việt nam bản đồ
việt tiến

Note: that strings can have unicode character. Thank for your help!

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possible duplicate of Converting Unicode strings to escaped ascii string –  Max Galkin Sep 3 '12 at 4:42

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