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I am working with Play! Framework 1.2.4 and have no problems creating static 404 pages. However, I would like to make the 404 page a little more dynamic.

Is there a "controller" for a 404 page? If not, where do I do all my logic that would traditionally go in the controller?

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There is no controller for a 404 page. Play try to find a route and if this is not possible throw a NotFound Result that shows the 404 page.

You may create a catch all controller that do this job so this controller will handle the 404 case instead of Play itself.

 *       /.*     NotFoundRouter.notFoundPage
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As Nasir said, you can respond with the NotFound Action in any controller to return a 404 response. We typically respond with the Ok Action for the proper 200 Http response code. An example (play 2 -- not sure if it works for play 1):

object BadgeEvidence extends Controller {
  def index(badgeName: String, earner: String) = Action {
    val badgeResponse = BadgeDao.getBadgeDetail(badgeName)
    val evidence = BadgeDao.getBadgeEvidence(badgeName, earner)
    if (evidence.length == 0) {
        NotFound(earner + " is not valid or has not earned " + badgeName);
    } else {
      badgeResponse match {
        case badgeDetail: BadgeRow => Ok(views.html.badgeEvidence(earner, badgeDetail, evidence))
        case errorMessage: String => Ok(views.html.showError(errorMessage))
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You can use the GlobalSettings.onHandlerNotFound() to handle the requests which will get 404 response.

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your answer is appropriate for Play2, but the OP specified he was using Play 1.x – Codemwnci Sep 3 '12 at 20:10

You can do some coding inside app/views/errors/404.html template file.

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Well, I am not certain how dynamic you intend it to be. Deep down, NotFound class is responsible for loading the 404.html. Perhaps, it can be useful to you.

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