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I'm stuck on how to update row sums in a foreach template using knockoutJS

    <div id="timeEntryList" data-bind="foreach: timeEntries">
        <table >

                <td>  //there are more of this, not included here
 <input type="number" 
    data-bind="value: Days[6].Hours, 
               event: { change: $root.setDirty }" />

                <td> //this part needs to be updated when the above input is changed
                    <span data-bind="text: $root.sumRow($data)">

The last TD there contains a span element which displays the sum of hours reported for the current item in the foreach. it displays correctly when the data is loaded, but then stays stale when I edit the elements. How can I make this element update as I change the values of the input boxes?

Here is my view model in a very slimmed down version:

var TimeReportModel = function (init) {
    this.timeEntries = ko.observableArray(init.TimeEntries);

    //... helper functions

TimeEntries are objects representing a reported hours per week. So it contains an array of days and each day has an hour property.

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Based on what you're binding to, it appears you're binding to the result of a regular function. If you want to see the values updated when there are changes, you need to bind to an observable. Make the sum a computed observable in your view model and bind to it.

I have no idea what your view model looks like or what you are adding up but it would look something like this:

// calculate the sum of the hours for each of the days
self.totalDays = ko.computed(function () {
    var sum = 0;
    ko.utils.arrayForEach(self.days(), function (day) {
        sum += Number(day.hours());
    return sum;

Here's a fiddle to demonstrate.

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How would this work when all of it is inside an foreach template? there will be a sum for each row, that is, I can't have a single observable for this , there needs to be one for every rendered row – Roger Alsing Sep 3 '12 at 6:50
We'll you'll have to show me what your view model looks like and your data, I can't give you a straight answer until I know what I am dealing with. – Jeff Mercado Sep 3 '12 at 6:52
I've edited the original question to contain the view model – Roger Alsing Sep 3 '12 at 7:37
I'm sorry but what you've added is still not enough for me to understand what the big picture is. Did you look at the fiddle I created? You'll need another view model for each TimeEntry object you have and place this computed observable in that. – Jeff Mercado Sep 3 '12 at 16:14

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