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i have an application which it run specifically based on given time to that application, how do i pass the parameter through App.config,

Ex: My service should run every day 9 clock

datetime Runtime = datetime.today.Addhours(9);

the above line will help the service to specifically on that time, now i need to set my service to run by 9:30 , how do i pass the information to Runtime.

i have tried below way it was not accepted

ex 1) datetime Runtime = datetime.today.Addhours(9) + datetime.today.Addminutes(30);

ex 2) datetime Runtime = datetime.today.Addhours(9);
               Runtime = datetime.today.Addminutes(30);
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Got it answer thank you all, datetime Runtime = datetime.today.Addhours(9).Addminutes(30); –  user1494292 Sep 3 '12 at 6:03
I'm glad you've got an answer that helps you, but in future please post real code - the code you've prevented wouldn't have compiled as a number of characters are lower case when they should be upper case. –  Jon Skeet Sep 3 '12 at 6:05
@JonSkeet noted and i will do the same, many thanks for suggestion i will follow your words –  user1494292 Sep 3 '12 at 6:08

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You can use


AddHours gives you another DateTime, so you can call the exact same methods you can call on DateTime.Today.

You can also add a TimeSpan, though:

TimeSpan t = TimeSpan.Parse("9:30");
DateTime d = DateTime.Today + t;

This would have the benefit that you don't have to separate hours and minutes in your configuration.

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Use them together like:

DateTime Runtime = DateTime.Today.Addhours(9).AddMinutes(30);
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datetime newTime = datetime.today.Addhours(9).Addminutes(30);
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