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I want to develop Android application which can play video from TCP streaming source with some custom frame header informations. Codec is H.263.

As I checked Android SDK, MediaPlayer can't be used because:

  1. MediaPlayer can't use TCP IP and port as input URL
  2. MediaPlayer can't parse custom streaming frames header information

So, I want to discuss with you which can be the best S/W arch. to achieve my goal. What I think about now is:

  1. Implement my own streaming protocol handlers via TCP socket programming.
    • It will get data from TCP video streaming source and do parse of custom frames header
  2. Use MediaCodec of Android SDK to decode H.263 encoded video frame.
    • I can't sure if this is right approach to take. Maybe, one another option could be ffmpeg
  3. Render decoded video frame through OpenGL ES

Any opinion?


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any luck ?!!!!!! –  Muhammed Refaat Jul 22 at 9:52

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