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I tried this code to post wall

   $app_id = "XXXXXXXX";
   $canvas_page = "XXXXXXXX";
   $message = "My story";
   $feed_url = ""
                 . $app_id . "&redirect_uri=" .urlencode($canvas_page) . "&message=" . $message;

   if (empty($_REQUEST["post_id"])) {
     echo("<script> top.location.href='" . $feed_url . "'</script>");
  } else {
     echo ("Feed Post Id: " . $_REQUEST["post_id"]);

But I really want to post wall like this:

Someone can give me an example?please!

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They are using a popup similar to Facebook popups in design. – Abhishek Sep 3 '12 at 7:07

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That image shows a pop-up that looks like a Facebook dialog, but is actually designed by the app developers so it would something you would build yourself.

P.S: I suggest trying to use instead of your current method.

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I print images from MYSQL,and let images as result post to wall. how to alter Feed Dialog example code? – user1602773 Sep 3 '12 at 15:08

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