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I'm working on implementing boards.

Now I have BoardsController and PostsController.

By default, posts are nested by boards.

I want all board's post list have their special route using same PostsController

so I did this in route.rb

resources :notice, :controller => "posts", :board_id => 1
resources :faq, :controller => "posts", :board_id => 2
resources :qna, :controller => "posts", :board_id => 3

At first, it seems to work. But I realized a problem. because i used same 'PostsController' in these resources.

Codes related to path are same when doing controller's action


def create @post = Board.find(params[:board_id])[:post])

        redirect_to board_posts_path(@post.board_id)
        render 'new'

when I go to localhost:3000/notice/new, it works fine

but when I submitted the new post, controller redirects to localhost:3000/boards/1/posts/

because of redirect_to board_posts_path(@post.board_id)

and that's not what I want.

I could handle this using if statements, but it seems messy.

Is there any proper solution to this?

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You can use the self.send on the controller to dynamically resolve the path by the post type. Assuming you have the type of the created post in a string ( I didn't understand from your question if Notice < Post and if you use Single Table Inheritance):

post_type = # Get the specific post type ( "notice, faq ...")
redirect_to self.send("#{post_type}_path", @post.board_id) 
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Be aware that a send method might be able to expose your class entirely and can be called from a simple get request submitting any board_id. or class method. – dennis Sep 3 '12 at 9:55

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