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I wish to get the constraint of the element in the fixedpoint phi, in the following example, the constraint should be c2<=c1+5.0, c1>=5.0 it should be how to realize it in Z3? Or is there any way to do it not using fixedpoint in Z3

(set-option :produce-models true)
(set-option :dl_engine 1)
(set-option :dl_pdr_use_farkas true)
(declare-var c1 Real)
(declare-var c2 Real)
(declare-var lambda Real)
(declare-rel phi(Real Real))
        (>= lambda 0.0)
        (phi c1 c2)
      (phi (+ c1 lambda) (+ c2 lambda))
       (>= c1 5.0)
       (<= c2 10.0)
       (phi c1 c2)

(query (phi c1 c2))
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Z3 does not attempt to compute a least fixed-point. It attempts to establish reachability (derivability) or establish a post fixed-point that entails that a query is not reachable (derivable). So it does not provide a way to obtain a least fixed-point from a set of rules.

By specifying

 (query (phi c1 c2) :print-certificate true)

Z3 will print what corresponds to a member of the least fixed-point which satisfies the query.

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Got it, thanks very much –  sweetyBaby Sep 3 '12 at 13:17

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