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I'm trying to svn update my SVN working copy with TortoiseSVN but the update fails, asking to perform the clean up first.

However, the svn cleanup fails too stating that a \.svn\pristine\20\20long-namecbf.svn-base file cannot be found.

I've already tried to release the lock but this does not work either.

Any idea how should I proceed?

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You can use SmartSVN to restore lost pristine file

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Hi i meet this problem today. cannot find the file .svn\pristine\24\24fd530d4bd82341fb514ab912c9e10adbc4ad89.svn-base

And i use the simple way to fix this problem.

i look up this file did not exist under that folder.so i just copy a svn-base from other file and rename this with 24fd530d4bd82341fb514ab912c9e10adbc4ad89.svn-base.And then do the clean up operation. After that i meet another file missing.using the same way and at last i fix this problem. Hope it can help you

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I got away by replacing the .svn directory with the same from a freshly checked-out copy. Fortunately for me, the local copy was on the same revision as the repo. Not sure what the implications would be if it was not the case.

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