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Is it possible to DISABLE a Checkbox in the Telerik gridview in MVC pattern? I am using clientTemplate and not Server side. The requirement is as - A Column containing checkbox needs to be disabled based on the value in another column in the corresponding row. Is it possible to implement in Javascript ? Please let me know if I am not clear..

Thanks in advance..

columns.Bound(i => i.Visible).ClientTemplate("<input type='checkbox' disabled='disabled' <#=Visible? checked='checked' : '' #> />").Width("7%");
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You can do this with Client Side events when RowDataBound. Do something like this code.

    function onRowDataBound(e) {

    if (e.dataItem.ColumnB == "MatchingValue") {
        $(e.row).find('#checkboxId').attr("disabled", true);

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