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I want to automatically convert LaTeX to PDF with pdflatex, then open the PDF in Evince using quickrun.vim.

I've read the documentation for quickrun.vim, and it seems that I should use a function :function! quickrun#register_outputter(name, outputter), but how can I realize that by configuring my .vimrc?

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I don't know anything about quickrun.vim, but a simple mapping would also be sufficient. Add this to your .vimrc:

autocmd FileType tex noremap <buffer> <F5> :w<CR> :!pdflatex -shell-escape "%" && evince %:p:r.pdf<CR>

Hitting will then run pdflatex and open the pdf in evince.

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thanks , before I get another solution , actually , I am using this way –  Zuckonit Sep 5 '12 at 14:19

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