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I'd like to start making more "social" games, and I think that turn-based asynchronous games have a lot of opportunity. However, I would imagine the backend for such a game is pretty involved, so it would be ideal if there were a template or third party solution (paid is fine) that I could implement so that I could spend more time developing my game instead of reinventing the wheel.

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Apple's Game Center gives you a framework for turn-based games. There is much documentation along with good videos from WWDC (Apple developer ID required to view).

Multiplayer games provide the ultimate challenge and have created one of the most compelling genres in the App Store. See how Game Center is taking gaming on iOS a step further with the addition of local multiplayer support. Learn about improvements to the turn-based and online multiplayer APIs and new capabilities for sending invites and having a re-match.

Here are a few detailed tutorials with source code:



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You can also use our company (Trymph) API that are targeted to support turn-based mobile games like Word with Friends. It has already been used in a number of similar styled games. Checkout

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