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I'd like to call into a .NET assembly for some data and library functions from a Processing user interface. What's the best way to achieve this? Expose a web service? A RESTful API? Some godforsaken processing/Silverlight monstrosity?

Good ideas are welcome.

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One approach might be to expose the desired data and functionality to COM via the REGASM utility and then use a Java-COM bridge to get to it.

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I'm not familiar with Processing (is this what you are talking about?), but if it's standard JVM-based environment, then JNBridge is a very solid solution, assuming the pricing works for you.

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I am author of jni4net, open source interprocess bridge between JVM and CLR. It's build on top of JNI and PInvoke. No C/C++ code needed. I hope it will help you.

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