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What is a save way to detect support for CSS3 background-size: cover, especially in IE < 9?

Following test returns a false positive in IE < 9, because it actually sets background-size to cover:

div.style.backgroundSize = 'cover';

The only true result I get when testing for:

if ('backgroundSize' in div.style)

But according to the site http://www.standardista.com/css3/css3-background-properties/#bg11, IE 6/7/8 should return auto, only cover and contain are not supported.


I would like to use my own solution, but I have checked the code used by Modernizr. It seems they use the same technique that gives me false positive results in IE < 9: Set backgroundSize = 'cover' and then check for style.backgroundSize == 'cover'.

See my JSFiddle.

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If you use Modernizr you can download only the code necessary to perform this kind of task


then you can test with

if (Modernizr.backgroundsize) {
    /* backgroundSize supported */
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Thanks Fabrizio. I would like to use my own solution, but have checked their code: github.com/Modernizr/Modernizr/blob/master/feature-detects/… It looks like they use similar code that gives me the false positive: set the style and then check for style.backgroundSize == 'cover'. –  John B. Sep 3 '12 at 10:46
@JohnB. this appears to be their test for cover github.com/Modernizr/Modernizr/blob/master/feature-detects/css/… –  eyelidlessness Mar 24 at 17:09

If you are trying to detect low functioning browsers to avoid having a postage stamp image stuck in the middle of things, then one quick and dirty workaround is to

var rules = document.styleSheets[0].cssRules;

If it's undefined, then you know you have a low functioning browser and should probably go with your fallback approach. YMMV.

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This is bad advice. The presence of one API does not determine the presence of another API. It is best to use proper feature detection by testing for the available properties. This is entirely possible without making strange assumptions about two unrelated APIs. –  eyelidlessness Mar 24 at 17:07

You could do


Assuming that if it supports background-size it would allow the value cover, which is the case, I think.

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You would think that if they support background-size they support the keyword but Safari iPad is special and does not support the keyword :( –  hitautodestruct Jan 22 at 15:12

This is with javascript alone, no jquery just check the version of browser you delealing with

//check if Is bad IE. 
var noBGSizeSupport = window.attachEvent && !window.addEventListener 

    //does not support BG size property
} else {
  // supports background size property
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