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I am using VS2012 Ultimate to work on a ASP.NET MVC3 app and keen on using the new Page Inspector feature. The server side source tracking is not working and diagnostics gives the message:

Project must use Razor v2 or later

The error messages page says to Migrate your MVC 3 project to MVC 4 or a later release.

Is there anyway to do this without upgrading to MVC 4?

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Looks like we can update MVC 3 app to use Razor 2:

You will not have to update your app to MVC 4, but would need MVC 4 to be installed.

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You need to Download MVC4 , that would be the best option i guess. You can Download MVC4 from here

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Did you read Is there anyway to do this without upgrading to MVC 4? – manojlds Sep 3 '12 at 9:04

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