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I have a block which I need to pass to File.open and another method XXobject#read. Since I passed the same block to those two methods, I would like to find a way to avoid duplicating the code of block.

I tried to define a Proc object, but File.open seems not to accept a Proc object. I am wondering why. As far as I know, a block is stored as a Proc object.

Is there a way to avoid duplicated blocks in Ruby?

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use &proc_object as argument –  apneadiving Sep 3 '12 at 8:57

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You need to convert Proc to Block:

blk = Proc.new{puts 1234567890}

def a; yield; end


1.9.3-194 (main):0 > a(&blk)
=> nil
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As already written in comment, you can convert proc to block using &.

Once you've defined your_proc, you can pass it as a block argument using &your_proc

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proc = Proc.new &proc it is block, block could used as a args for methods

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