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I am new to the great world of D3.

I have a force-directed layout, I need to 'drag selecet' nodes(circles) in a force-directed layout.

I tried with this code:

    force = d3.layout.force()
      .on("tick", tick)

    var svg = d3.select("#"+domID)
        .attr("class", "d3_linkgraph")

    // Brush.
    var brush = d3.svg.brush()
        .on("brushstart", brushstart)
        .on("brush", brush)
        .on("brushend", brushend);

    function brushstart(p) {
        if (brush.data !== p) {
            brush.x(x[p.x]).y(y[p.y]).data = p;

    // Highlight the selected circles.
    function brush(p) {
        //do something
    // If the brush is empty, select all circles.
    function brushend() {


but this doesn't work... please help.

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