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I have a form within a tab. It is second tab so it doesn't render until you open it.

I have tried to submit data to the form with Ext.getCmp('DetailsForm').getForm().setValues(selections[0]); but it says that it is not a function. Probably because it is not rendered yet. What I have to do?

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Tabpanel's docs clearly mention the lazy rendering issue, also something about doLayout(), but I doubt it will solve your issue. I have a system where a record selected on the left side of the screen need to be loaded to the various tabs on the right. Whenever the record is selected i keep a reference to it, and whenever my tabpanel shoots activate I refer to that record. –  Izhaki Sep 3 '12 at 11:43
@Izhaki You should take a look at the deferredRender property. –  sra Sep 4 '12 at 8:10

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Set the deferredRender config property of your Ext.tab.Panel to deferredRender: false

That will force the rendering of all tabs instead of just active ones. Now the form will be there. As mentioned before I recommend you also to use myTabPanelRef.down('from').getForm().setValues(selections[0]); to access the form.

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subscribe to the second tabs show event OR painted event
then look for the form preferably by using .down() method as this wont look with in the entire DOM. set the values

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Use render event of form panel. Your code will be something like this -

Ext.getCmp('DetailsForm').on('render', function(){ this.getForm().load(selections[0]); });

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