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I have a REST API server that uses Express, Mongoose and config. I want to unit test my API. Basically, bring up a temporary web server on port x, an empty mongo-database on port y, do some API calls (both gets and puts) and validate what I get back and then shutdown temporary server and drop test database once my tests finish. What is the best way to do this? I have been looking at mocha/rewire but not sure how to set up temporary server and db and not sure what the best practices are.

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I use Jenkins (continuous integration server) and Mocha to test my app, and I found myself having the same problem as you. I configured Jenkins so it would execute this shell command:

npm install
NODE_ENV=testing node app.js &
npm mocha
pkill node

This runs the server for executing the tests, and then kills it. This also sets the NODE_ENV environment variable so I can run the server on a different port when testing, since Jenkins already uses port 8080.

Here is the code:


var port = 8080
if(process.env.NODE_ENV === "testing")
    port = 3000;


var request = require('request'),
    assert = require('assert');

    describe('Blabla', function() {
      describe('GET /', function() {
        it("should respond with status 200", function(done) {
          request('', function(err,resp,body) {
            assert.equal(resp.statusCode, 200);
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I found exactly what I was looking for: testrest. I don't like its .txt file based syntax - I adapted to use a .json file instead for my specs.

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looks interesting but the documentation seems non-existent... did you find any useful examples to get up and running? – Nick Jennings Sep 26 '12 at 3:02

I'd recommend giving Buster.JS a try. You can do Asynchronous tests, mocks/stubs, and fire up a server.

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There its also api-easy build on top of vows, seems to be easy to use the first, but the second its much flexible and powerful

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Not sure how you'd manage firing up the temporary node server using alternate configuration settings using api-easy and/or vows. – Tharsan Oct 23 '12 at 3:31
how did you try to configure your test? – norman784 Oct 23 '12 at 14:34

There is no right way, but I did create a seed application for my personal directory structure and includes the vows tests suggested by @norman784.

You can clone it: git clone

Or with npm: npm install express-mongoose-api-seed

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