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I have created an SQL OLEDB data source (SQL Server) and I have the following Command Text:

select replace(convert(varchar(10), dob, 111), '/', '-') As DOB FROM Person

I get a warning on executing that says: [OLE DB Source [1]] Warning: Truncation may occur due to retrieving data from database column "DOB" with a length of 8000 to data flow column "DOB" with a length of 10.

When I try to change the external column from 8000 to 10 (as stated in the query), the designer automatically changes it back. I thought that external columns represented meta data in the data source. The dob in the data source (see query above) is a varchar(10). Why does it have to have a length of 8000? I don't have a lot of experience with SSIS.

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I have found the solution. I had to do this:

select cast(replace(convert(varchar(10), dob, 111), '/', '-') As varchar(10)) As DOB from Person
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There is another workaround to overcome this as: you can ignore the errors and execute the package from 'Truncation' erros by setting the appropriate property in 'Source' block's 'Error output' tab..

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Thanks. I am looking for a solution to this, but +1 anyway as I found this helpful. – w0051977 Sep 11 '12 at 22:24

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