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I am adding a new protocol to the existing embedded system on ARM cortex processor. I need to do a load test and performance test after adding the new protocol to earlier system. The source code is in C and C++.

Please let me know if any free test code to do a load and performance test, network I/O test etc on this embedded system. Or suggest me any methods for this.

basically I have to compare: 1. What is the load after adding the new protocol. 2. Performance 3. Network IO tests 4. System tests etc...

Regards, AK

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For system performance profiling you can use oprofile or gprof.

For network profiling you can use ethereal or netstat.

For I/O statistics you can use iostat or sar.

For CPU profiling you can use mpstat.

These are only a few tools. I'm sure there are more options available.

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For those following, oprofile and gprof do not appear to be usable on embedded systems and neither site talks about testing embedded systems. Cheers. – Matt Stevens Oct 9 '14 at 21:01

from google:

For memory leak use dmalloc and Valgrind

For tracing use LTT (Linux Trace Toolkit)

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