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After reading the long title, Here is my current status:

  1. I have managed to login to Facebook (Authorize method returns complete).
  2. I have implemented an Async Task to get 'me' data - everything works fine.
  3. I tried to change the call to me?fields=name, gender and I get an error like -
    "An active access token must be used to query information about the current user."

I tried to Google it and read about it but because people implement their code in million languages I didn't manage to find a good solution for my problem.

Please advise! Oz

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In order to solve this issue I changed the way I address the facebook objec: Instead of sending it me?fields=name, gender

I changed to this code:

        Bundle bundle = new Bundle();
        bundle.putString("fields", "name, gender, picture");
        String jsonString = params[0].request("me", bundle);
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