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Unable to parse response error while uploading screenshots on google play (Android Market)

I just signed up with Market and uploaded my app. On the next screen, it is asking me to upload assets. After i choose screen shots for the app and hit upload.

I tried using Firefox, Chrome and IE but i am getting the same error.

On the Home page, it says

"Your Registration to Google Play is still being processed. You can upload applications to Google Play but you cannot publish until your registration is completed."

I guess this error has something to do with my registration as it is still in the pending stage. I dont know what do they want me to do in order to complete the registration.

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not publish my apk in my account so what the porblem??? –  Roadies Sep 3 '12 at 12:33

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Sometimes it happens due to slow upload speed of user network and also for heavy traffics of play store server. So i think you can wait couple of hours and then again can try it. This happens several times in my case also first time i have panicked also then found this is ok. :D

And there is no way you can speed up the registration process, it will be completed naturally.

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i got this solution wait for 1 week and send a message to google for your process of your order and google accept your request and publish your application.....

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