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I am writing a wcf service which will generate html controls which the client application will use to render part of a web page - for example a html select populated with list of options. The service will be written in C# (.net framework v4), in my implementation the client application will be a C# asp.net web forms application.

I would like the service to provide the html controls in a structured format rather than just a string of html so that the client application will be able to use them more flexibly (for instance the client application might want to add another option to a html select control)

In the past I have used classes the System.Web.UI.HtmlControls namespace within an asp.net application for this purpose, but these classes cannot be serialized so I have not been able to use them with wcf. At the moment I only have the requirement to send select and text input controls, but rather than re-inventing the wheel I hope that someone will have an example of a service that already provides html controls in a structured format.

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Instead of using WCF I would use ASP.NET Web API and Razor view engine to generate HTML.

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