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Here is my issue with IE.I am showing an success message in alert after clicking an button on my webpage .

document.alert("sucess") showing an plain message in alert in all browsers,but in Internet Explorer its showing an warning image .

is there any way to hide that image's very nasty that showing an success message with an warning image ..

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check the link in IE and non IE browser – user1612220 Sep 3 '12 at 11:06
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There is no way to change the icons or hide them sadly. What you can do it create your own alert box;

window.alert=function( alertMessage )
    var alertBox = "";
            alertBox +="<div style=\"width:350px;height:70px\" class=\"alertBoxIn alertPosition\" >";
    alertBox  +="<img src=\"\" style=\"position: relative; top: 1%; left: 2%; height: '40px'\" /></td>";
                     alertBox +="<SPAN style=\"position: relative; top:-30%; left: 12%\">"+alertMessage+"</SPAN>";
                     alertBox  +="<input style=\"position: relative; top:20%; left:10%\" type=\"button\" value=\"    Ok      \" onclick=\"closeAlert();\" />";
    document.getElementById("alertPanel").innerHTML = alertBox;

Check reference:

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