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I'm developing a solution using Lombardi Teamworks BPM Tool .. The tool itself generates the client-side source code, but I can put in code using JavaScript, such as adding onChange code for combo boxes ..

Anyways, I have a button whose visibility I'm trying to toggle using JavaScript. I am able to hide a button using hidden, but I cannot unhide a hidden button using visible.

Here's the full code:

var eleBtnVisibilityTest = document.getElementById("btnVisibilityTest");
if (eleBtnVisibilityTest== null) {
            eleBtnVisibilityTest = document.getElementsByName("btnVisibilityTest");

alert("-->""<--"); = "visible";


In the second last line, I'm setting the button to visible, but it's doesn't work ... However, if the button was previously visible, and I had written hidden here, it would've worked.

For both cases, in the alert before setting the visibility, the pop-up I get says --><-- .. In the popup after setting visibility, its either -->visible<-- or -->hidden<-- ..

Any ideas ?

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Try using the CSS display property:

display: block;
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document.getElementsByName returns a NodeList, you must select an item from that list:

var eleBtnVisibilityTest = document.getElementById("btnVisibilityTest");
if (eleBtnVisibilityTest== null) {
            eleBtnVisibilityTest = document.getElementsByName("btnVisibilityTest")[0];

But however, when setting the visibility to hidden works, this actually is not the problem here.

You should provide more details, because your code works when used with getElementById

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Not sure what you mean by "but it's doesn't work" - do you mean that the button stays invisible?

It could be that the button is hidden by other means than the CSS visibility property. Maybe it also has display: none? In that case, setting the visibility property would not make the button become visible. Use a tool such as Chrome's inspector to check if that is the case.

Post a code snippet at JSFiddle, so we can see the code in action.

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